about us

Driving beats, filling spheres and unique lead sounds, packed with pulsating basses and burning melodies are the compositional claim that Rick and Rubicon pursue within their exclusively electronic productions. Both artists see themselves as creators of the musical experience, which should not only take the listener on a journey into the synthetic sound design, but should also flow through them, so to speak, in order to grasp them emotionally, to move them and to carry them away.

Rick and Rubicon have known each other for more than 20 years, during which time both artists, independently of each other, ultimately found their way to analog and digital synthetic sound design.

Rubicon is an enthusiastic electro sound freak from the very beginning and was able to prove his feeling for beats and sounds, and his skilled handling of the turntables, as (resident) DJ at the discotheque Butanclub in Wuppertal for more than a decade. The self-taught musician has always spent his free time producing electronic music and creating analog and digital sounds.

Originally coming from rock music, Rick has always been enthusiastic about electronic music of all kinds. After his studies to become an audio engineer and the profound examination of analog and digital sound synthesis, Rick became deeply involved with the technical design of sound generators and filter modules.

The initial hobby project quickly developed into a working basis with good results and so Rick and Rubicon decided to found the project “Rick & Rubicon“.