Born in 1971, Rick only found his way to making music at the end of the 1990s.

Rick has always consumed music! He has not let himself be guided by genre cultures and their peculiarities to form intolerances towards other music styles, but rather enjoyed the music that corresponded to the spirit of the times and the respective scene in which he moved. Now it was for Rick an extraordinary luck to grow up in times in which the development of electronic music by pioneers, such as Kraftwerk could prevail and with bands such as Depeche Mode even found its way into the mainstream.

Surely this is a reason why Rick has always been attracted to electronic music. The simultaneous development of heavy metal, through bands like Iron Maiden or Metallica also shaped Rick’s musical taste significantly and sustainably. The influence of rock music was to encourage Rick to learn to play several instruments.

From then on, Rick played in various bands and thus found his way to becoming a composer and producer. Following this Rick started to study to become a graduate audio engineer and was able to successfully complete his education.

For several years now Rick has been working with all kinds of sound generators, synthesizers, instruments etc. and composing and producing his own ideas and songs. Rick not only finds great satisfaction in musical collaboration with other musicians.