Born in 1973, Rubicon’s musical development began in the early 1990s.

Coming from the progressive house, Rubicon discovered psytrance for himself. The sounds used and their positioning within the tracks were completely new and inspiring. After the development of this subgenre stagnated at some point, Rubicon returned to progressive house.

For more than 10 years Rubicon played as a (resident) DJ in the nationally known discotheque “Butan Club” in Wuppertal. In addition, he provided the listeners with the latest electronic dance music once a month on his radio show “Eternal Force”.

The production of own music has become more and more productive since working with Rick. Rick’s immense experience in the field of harmony up to the finalization of a track has allowed Rubicon to implement his musical ideas.

The project “Rick & Rubicon music and sound production” was born.